Health Risks

Radiation From Small Cell At My Home
(by a mom in Huntington, Long Island, New York)

Radiation From Small Cell in Huntington
(by a mom in Huntington, Long Island, New York)

The 5G facilities being installed are completely unregulated. According to Lawyer, Andrew Campanelli, “The truth is these facilities are actually completely unregulated. The vast majority of facilities for the 5G rollout are below 200 ft in height. And because of that, the FCC has no idea where they are and no idea what level of radiation they are exposing people to. First, because no facility under 200 ft in height has to be registered with the FCC. Now, the FCC set these general population exposure limits for radiation; however, unless somebody actually calls them up and says, “I tested a facility, and this facility at this corner of this block is emitting radiation levels which exceeds your limits…unless somebody makes that phone call, the FCC never, ever tests the radiation emanating from these facilities, and the wireless industry knows it. So, we’ve had private testing done, and we’ve found many facilities exceeding the FCC’s limit. Local governments are the first and only line of defense against their constituents being exposed to excessive levels of radiation. I mean illegally excessive.”

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