We need to work together to repeal and replace HB 2279.

HB 2279 is a bad law that does not protect Tennessee citizen’s property, health/safety, or privacy, and strips local governments of their constitutional responsibility to protect the property rights and safety of their local community. We are requesting that Gov. Bill Lee issue a halt on any additional residential deployment until this technology can be proven safe through independent study. HB 2279 must be repealed and replaced.

What can I Do to Push Back on 5G?

Please sign our PETITIONS:

Please forward this WEBSITE so others can be informed and sign our petition.

EMAIL us ( to get involved and share ideas. Let’s work together!

Please CALL and EMAIL your elected officials.

  • Emails are important because they leave an electronic “paper-trail” to prove that you have communicated with your government officials, and emails give your officials an accurate idea of the number of people who want them to act on the 5G issue.
  • But calling seems even more effective at compelling government reps to take action and actually do something to stop 5G. Apparently, answering 100’s or 1000’s of assertive but polite calls helps to motivate politicians to act on our behalf. So be bold and make those polite calls!

See CONTACT INFORMATION for State of TN Officials below bullet points.

Tell them who you are and where you live.
Express your concerns about your property value, health/safety, and privacy.
Please use your own words, but we have listed some bullet points below to help.

Discuss the KEY POINTS below with neighbors, co-workers, family, and friends. Encourage them to reach out to their elected officials:

  • Thousands of studies prove that wireless radiation causes harm to humans, pets, wildlife, and plants. And, that is not even at the high frequency levels of 5G!
  • A for-profit company has no right to install cell towers in our cities/counties without our consent.
  • 5G uses millimeter waves and will emit toxic levels of radiation throughout your town like a spider web.
  • Cell towers on top of schools or on/near school property should not be installed without parental knowledge or consent.
  • 5G cell towers pose great risk to our privacy. Technology capabilities and risks include: facial recognition, listening devices, surveillance, 24/7 tracking, increased vulnerability to hackers (hospital patient information, private information).
  • Real estate studies show that a 5G cell tower in your front yard can lower your property value up to 20%.
  • Noise pollution is a factor. Excessive noise from cooling the ancillary equipment (up to 28 cubic feet) for each antenna would disturb the quiet enjoyment of our streets and neighborhoods.
  • Each cell-tower pole can have multiple 5G antennas.
  • Current cell towers are not being monitored. No one is measuring or checking radiation levels being emitted from existing towers to see if they are functioning within FCC regulations.
  • Corporate insurers like Swiss Re and Lloyds of London have an EMF “pollution” exclusion clause. Cell towers companies find it difficult to get liability insurance for health effects from EMF’s.
  • Hard-wired fiber-optic cable is a safe, fast, and inexpensive alternative to 5G, and it protects our property values, health, and privacy. 

CONTACT your State of Tennessee Officials

>> Contact Governor Bill Lee today!

  • Call  615-741-2001.   (You can ask to speak to Gov. Lee, but you might need to leave a message.)
  • Email   (Send a personal email, using your own words as best you can.)

>> Contact your State Senator and Representative!

To find the Sen. and Rep. that represent your district, follow the steps shown below:

  • Go to the Tennessee General Assembly website.
  • Enter your address and zip code in the “Find My Legislator” box near the top-right of the Tennessee General Assemble webpage.
  • Next, click the “Search” button on the “Find My Legislator” box.
  • Then, you should see a photo of your Representative and Senator. Clicking on one of the photos will take you to another page where you can see their phone number and email information.
  • Please also send a regular email to your Tennessee State official by following this standard format for their email address:
    • (Ex:
    • (Ex:

CONTACT your City/County Officials

To find your City/County officials, do a quick online search.

Here are two examples for Knox County:

  • Knox County Mayor
    • Internet search:  “mayor of knox county tn”
    • First search result:
    • Name:  Mayor Glenn Jacobs
    • Phone: 865-215-2005
    • Email: 
      • Email Form: click the Department Email button. 
      • Personal Email: right-click on the word “email” (near the bottom of the page) and select “Copy Email Address”:
  • Knox County Commission
    • Internet search:  “knox county tn commission”
    • First search result:
    • There are 11 commissioners pictured.
    • Phone: 865-215-2534
    • Email: 
      • Email Form: click the Department Email button. 
      • Department Email:
      • Personal Email: ask your Commissioner for their personal email address.

Knox County Directory of Government Officials (PDF)

CONTACT your Public School Officials

To find your Public School Officials, do a quick online search. 

Here are two examples for Knox County:

  • Knox County School Board
    • Internet search:  “knox county tn school board”
    • First search result:
    • Phone: 865-594-1800
    • Personal Email:  Ask for the email address to reach the school board.