Stop 5G in Knox County!

To Senators, Representatives, Mayor, and Commissioners of Knox County:

Knox County residents need your help and protection!

We respectfully ask that a joint meeting immediately be called with all Knox County State Senators, State Representatives, Commissioners, and Mayor Jacobs along with Knox County’s Law Director to immediately write and adopt a protective municipal code (ordinance) and a cease and desist resolution calling on all site developers and wireless companies to stop their build out of all 4G/5G small cell wireless towers/poles/antennas UNLESS and UNTIL (see points 1,2,3 below):

We also respectfully insist that you would immediately speak on our behalf, your constituents, and ask Governor Bill Lee to place a moratorium on any additional residential deployment of 4G/5G infrastructure UNLESS and UNTIL (see points 1,2,3 below):

1. The wireless companies are able to prove that close proximity to 4G/5G small cell wireless antennas is completely safe for all humans, including pregnant women, young children, elderly, and other vulnerable populations; close proximity being understood as:

  • Every 2 to 6 houses in residential neighborhoods in the public right of way,
  • As close as 12 feet from where residents including children sleep,
  • Within 2 feet of where people walk their neighborhood streets and where children play with risk of injury or death from structural failures, insufficient fall zones, fire hazards, and more.
  • On or near school property.

2. The wireless companies are able to obtain and show Knox County proof of obtaining liability insurance without an EMF “pollution” exclusion clause.

3. The applicants are able to prove a significant gap in personal wireless service, which they are required to do.

  • These facilities are proposed by site developers, not by wireless carriers.
  • Site Developers are notorious for blanket-installing unneeded and unnecessary cell facilities in urban areas because it’s fast and cheap and they make a lot of money collecting rent from the carriers for the life of the facilities.
  • Site developers do not have Knox County residents and property owners best interests in mind. They make use of our publicly owned (taxpayer funded) light poles and electricity, for which they pay a nominal rent for use, while saturating our streets and neighborhoods with toxic wireless radiation.

A large body of research demonstrates adverse health effects of wireless radiation (

Please demand hard data. Ask the carriers themselves (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint) for their records of dropped calls in the areas that are proposed for small cell 5G microwave antennas. Do not take the site developers word for it. Do not be deceived. We demand proof from the carriers themselves.  Knox County local and state government officials CAN take action to protect Knox County residents.

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“That all power is inherent in the PEOPLE, and all free governments are founded on THEIR authority, and instituted for THEIR peace, safety, and happiness; for the advancement of those ends they have at all times, an unalienable and indefeasible right to alter, reform, or abolish the government in such manner as they may think proper.” Constitution of the State of Tennessee, Article 1 Declaration of Rights.