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Senator Becky Massey – Letter to the FCC

December 2020

Senator Becky Massey sent a letter to FCC Chairman Pai and Board Members to address two major concerns of Tennessee residents regarding the placement of 4G/5G small cell towers and antennas in residential areas: (1) Safety/Health and (2) Property Rights/Aesthetics.

Download the letter Here.

THANK YOU Senator Massey for speaking out on our behalf!

Tennessee General Assembly – HB2279

Did you know that in 2018, the State of Tennessee passed a law written by two lobbyists from AT&T and Verizon that allows cellular companies to install a cell tower up to 40 feet tall in your front yard?

HB 2279 was signed by Governor Haslam in 2018 without our knowledge or consent. This legislation gives the telecommunication companies the freedom to install as many cell towers as they choose, wherever they choose, in the right of way (easement) of your home property, without your consent and with zero protection for your property value or the health of your family and neighbors.

Read Tennessee House Bill 2279.

State Your Case with George Korda – Sept 20, 2020

Two Tennessee residents discuss what is going on with 5G in their neighborhoods.

Listen to the George Korda radio show on the Fox News Pod Cast.

  • Part One starts at the 4:15 minute mark.
  • Part Two begins at 27:40.
  • Part Three begins at 39:40.

Farragut TN – 5G Controversy Continues

By Design on July 26, 2020 – The Knoxville Focus.

Photo by Focus Staff.

Real estate studies show a cell tower like this can lower property value by as much as 20% [and] with small front yards, this means the cell tower can be as little as 15 to 25 feet from where people sleep.

What would you do if a 5G cell-antenna was installed in your neighborhood? Find out what’s going on in Farragut, TN.

Farragut Tennessee Passes Resolution to Halt 5G Until FCC Limits Ensure Safety

Farragut, TN is one of the first residential towns targeted for 5G cell-towers in the Knoxville area. Read the May 16, 2020 Farragut Resolution to Halt 5G.

Knox County Commission on 5G

Knox County citizens speak up at a County Commission meeting on 5G – June 15, 2020.